AAU Strongly Embraces Diversity and Equality

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 28, 2017) – Since its beginnings in 1888, the AAU has been the industry leader and standard-bearer in the amateur sports marketplace.  Sports For All, Forever is the organization’s motto: the AAU strives to offer participation opportunities to all, no matter an athlete’s race, age, color, gender or cultural background. 

During the upcoming AAU leadership conference, AAU leaders from across the country will come together in Orlando, Florida to not only conduct the business of the organization, but also discuss various ways AAU can embrace diversity. It will focus on celebrating the AAU’s rich cultural diversity and leveraging a spirit of collaboration. Seminars will be held by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) discussing diversity and leadership.

“Sports is the great unifier,” said Matt Williams, AAU Second Vice-President.  “When players step on the court, the field or competition floor they are all equal.  We need that same level of equality to carry off the court as well.” 

Embracing diversity is an extension of the AAU Cares initiative. Started in 2016, AAU Cares is the AAU’s way of giving back to the community by providing not only athletic opportunities but also life lessons to help with learning and social responsibility.

It now more important than ever to emphasize inclusiveness, acceptance and respect of others no matter their differences.

“We will not tolerate discrimination and prejudice in any form at AAU events,” said Dr. Roger J. Goudy, AAU President/CEO. “As an organization that’s been around since 1888, we acknowledge the past but we will continue to create safe, nurturing environments for our athletes to participate in AAU.”

The AAU encourages the athletes, coaches and parents who participate in AAU events to embrace diversity and treat each other with respect and acceptance on and off the court.  

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