ORLANDO, Fla (August 22, 2017) - The new AAU Basketball Advisory Committee met on July 28, 2017 to discuss new methods of player development and overall improving the member experience at AAU basketball events.

One of the main focus points was to hold coaches to a higher standard at all levels of the game. In turn, AAU basketball plans to have better communication between its national office and coaches.

"The AAU has always been at the forefront of youth basketball in the United States," said Boo Williams, AAU Boys Basketball National Chair. "We are excited to call on the knowledge and expertise of these great basketball minds to enhance the overall playing experience for our athletes, parents and coaches."

The committee is discussing recommending mandatory coaches meetings at AAU National Championships across the country for coaches to discuss positive behavior, proper coaching etiquette as well as exchange best practices for coaching basketball as a whole.

Furthermore, the advisory committee will look at hosting educational clinics for athletes and parents. This initiative will further promote knowledge about the game of basketball and improve overall play. 

Another major focus point was planning to educate the public on what is an ‘AAU Basketball’ event and what is not. There have been many basketball events covered by the media this past summer labeled as “AAU Basketball” which in fact were not run by the AAU organization. The committee plans to assist in clarifying what constitutes an AAU event and what does not. 

"We certainly appreciate the fact that AAU continues to be associated with summer basketball," said Matt Williams, AAU Second Vice-President. "However, we can't stand by and allow the AAU brand to be consistently associated with lesser event products that do not adhere to the high standards required by the AAU organization."

Other initiatives in the planning stages are: AAU-hosted tournaments for teams sponsored by former and current NBA players and a basketball school to help athletes be successful off the court as well as on it.

For more questions please contact James Parker, Director of Sports, james@aausports.org.


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